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Work better together: how to improve teamwork in your business

Every successful business will be backed by an equally successful team of individuals who have mastered the art of teamwork.

Effective teamwork is something that every business will strive to achieve, but it can be a challenge for many. Workers based remotely, insufficient technologies and even poor team morale can make a huge impact on how effectively a team can work with one another. This will ultimately affect a business’ efficiency and, in worst case scenarios, the business’ survival.

So how can your business work better together? Take a look at our top tips below on how you could improve teamwork in your organisation.

Regular team meetings

Team meetings and social events are a great way to get your employees together to catch up. Where meetings can get everyone caught up on their work and any ongoing projects to be discussed, social events will go a long way in creating those friendly relationships between team members that are vital to effective teamwork.

Focus on remote workers

There is a huge risk when it comes to remote working that team members could feel left out or isolated from the rest of your team, as well as becoming mis-informed about certain projects, which can impact upon how effectively you are able to collaborate. Ensure remote workers have numerous ways to communicate with team members (both office and remotely based), and don’t forget to schedule regular in-person or video meetings.

Improve communication with the cloud

If you find that your communication channels are not up to scratch, it may be time to invest in new technologies that will boost communication amongst your team. Whether this is software or phone lines, ensure you choose the right solution for your business’ requirements.

One of the most prominent applications that businesses worldwide are using to boost their team’s capabilities for collaborative working is Microsoft Teams. Integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365, Teams allows users to utilise specific chats, video and audio conferencing and host events, all from this one cloud platform.

Ultimately this allows teams to stay informed of specific projects, collaborate more effectively and boost output. You can learn more about Teams here.

Are you looking to improve teamwork for your business? Contact our team today to find out how we can help.