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What is Azure? Understanding the leading cloud storage solution

Created by Microsoft, Azure is a comprehensive cloud service that allows users to securely store data and documents, thus vastly improving the capabilities and security of a business.

As demand for cloud computing services has risen in recent years, due to its ever-increasing capabilities and benefits for companies, Microsoft has developed Azure to ensure that it answers the challenges that a business may face, allowing them to continue operating smoothly and in a way that suits them.

Where Azure differs from other cloud storage solutions is its tremendous ability to support a wide variety of operating systems, frameworks, programming languages, devices and more, meaning that no matter the industry in which your business operates, Azure will easily adapt so that it offers a unique solution.

The benefits of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft azure

Cost effective & scalable

Whereas previously companies would need to invest in physical servers and expensive hardware in order to incorporate the functionality into their IT, necessary to keep operations up and running, Azure provides a storage solution that can be easily scaled up or down in line with requirements.


Many businesses are still wary of using the cloud for storage, however, that need not be the case, particularly when you are utilising the services of one of the world’s most advanced technology companies, such as Microsoft. With multi-layered, comprehensive and continually monitored security procedures within data centres, businesses can rest assured that their data is secure with Microsoft Azure.

Easily integrated

Azure has been specifically designed so that it is very easily integrated into an existing IT system. This ultimately means that workforces will experience little to no down time as it is implemented and therefore productivity levels are not impacted.

Effective data back up

Data is the lifeblood of any business, and therefore ensuring it is protected at all times is vital. With Azure customers will benefit from a reliable data-back up service, with a level of service that would rival many of the world’s leading financial institutions.

Want to learn more about Microsoft Azure? Take a look at our infographic below for more insight into how Azure works:

What is Azure

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