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What are the biggest IT burdens for businesses?

All businesses are reliant on IT systems to some extent. How it is planned, implemented and maintained can mean the difference between an efficient and inefficient workplace.

Many companies are struggling to raise their productivity levels due to burdensome IT. From our own experience, we have supported countless businesses across a wide variety of sectors and sizes to remove the burden that inadequate IT can have on operations, but pinpointing these burdens can be tricky. Below we have compiled our list of the top IT burdens that many businesses are contending with.

Slow systems

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to work on sluggish systems, but this is an issue that many teams are simply putting up with. This not only reduces workplace efficiency, but can also lead to some very stressed employees.

Outdated software

Not only will outdated software run much slower than its more up to date counterparts, but it will also often not offer the same level of capabilities. Technologies are changing all the time and we understand that it can be daunting to wade through all the options available to you; speaking to an IT expert who can assess your requirements and make an informed recommendation will ensure that you are continually working with the most relevant software.

Lack of storage

Sufficient and secure storage is a necessity. If you don’t have enough storage you run the risk of losing valuable data that you potentially cannot retrieve. The ideal storage solution for your business should be able to grow or reduce in line with your business’ requirements.

Lack of accessibility

As more and more businesses implement remote working procedures, accessible IT systems become vital. Even for those businesses that are office-based, having this accessibility allows for increased collaboration between your team members. Cloud solutions is more often than not, perfect when looking to improve access for your employees.

Poor connectivity

Nowadays, the majority of computer systems rely on speedy internet. Whether it is your laptop, desktop computer, printer, even your phone systems, without reliable connectivity you hinder your ability to complete your work.

Inadequate cyber security procedures

We cannot stress enough the importance of cyber security for businesses, no matter their size. Failure to consider your business’ risk and implement the appropriate procedures can have a detrimental impact on your business’ rate of survival should you fall victim to an attack.

Do you recognise any of the above burdens? If so, contact the team at MWL Systems today to discuss your requirements and find out how we can support your business moving forward.