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The top five reasons you should invest in WiFi for your customers

Business wifi

More and more businesses are trying to add that extra value for customers, whether it be vouchers, flash sales, special offers and much more. From our experience we have also seen a great number of companies choose to invest in WiFi for their public spaces so that customers can visit their place of business and take advantage of a free internet connection. WiFi for your customers can have countless benefits, we have compiled a list of just five of the top reasons why you should invest in WiFi technology.

Brings new customers

Promoting that you offer free WiFi is a great way to attract new customers to your business. Whether a shop, café, restaurant, apartment complex, student residence and so on, the offer of free WiFi can be a significant draw.

Gain customer data

Many companies choose to allow customers to gain access to WiFi via a login page, which will often mean collecting a customer’s details, which you can subsequently use in your marketing efforts. However, with the introduction of GDPR back in May it is essential that any login page you use is compliant with regulations so that users are actively choosing to opt into your marketing list.

Stand out from competitors

Despite its popularity, there are still a significant proportion of businesses that aren’t taking advantage of the benefits that free WiFi can bring, this is your opportunity to place yourself ahead of your competitors in terms of going that extra mile for your customers.

Extend your customer’s visit

Particularly for restaurants, cafes, bars and other similar establishments, free WiFi will ultimately encourage your customers to stay longer, due to the fact that they can remain connected without using up their own data, or even stay productive by working on a laptop in your establishment. Research has supported this theory, finding that an estimated 62% of firms have reported that customers will remain within a business longer due to the WiFi offered.

Increase how much your customer spends

With increased time spent in your business, also comes an increase in customer spend. This does not just have to apply to restaurants and the like, for whom customers will spend more on drinks and/ or food whilst taking advantage of the internet. In fact, shops with free WiFi will also encourage customers to browse their products online, research reviews, and actively shop simultaneously.

Have you been convinced on the power of WiFi? Then your next step is to choose the ideal WiFi provider that will fit your business’ requirements.

Here at MWL Systems we have provided countless establishments with the perfect WiFi solution, from outdoor to underground workspaces, connecting separate buildings to a network for multiple residents, we can provide it all.

Speak to our expert team today to discover how our business WiFi services can benefit your business.