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The top five benefits of the cloud

Cloud technology has developed exponentially over the past decade, with more and more businesses choosing to adopt the cloud over their current in-house IT systems. From accounting to storage, analytics to software packages, technology giants have invested heavily to ensure the cloud can be incorporated into almost any aspect of the business. Below we will take a look at the top five benefits that the cloud offers businesses globally:

benefits of the cloud

Cloud technology benefits


Whilst the cost of transitioning to the cloud deters some businesses, the long-term cost savings of using cloud technology far outweigh the initial price tag. Physical servers not only need a team of professionals to regularly service and deal with issues, but they ultimately take up vital space in your place of business, that could otherwise be used by additional staff members as you expand. In addition to this, the cost of expanding a physical server can be substantial, whereas the cost to upgrade cloud servers is minimal in comparison.


The flexibility the cloud technology can offer is second to none. With regards to cloud storage, this can be scaled up at the click of a button, without the necessity of ordering additional servers, having them delivered, installed and maintained. Not only this but when it comes to flexible working it is essential that your workforce has access to all necessary documents and software from wherever they may be, without compromising the security of your business, which the cloud ultimately offers.


For many businesses, collaborative working is essential to maintain efficiency and meet deadlines. Often this will mean users will need access to and be able to work on documents at the same time. Cloud technology allows you to do just that, and what’s more is you can work collaboratively even when not within the same office.


The security that goes hand in hand with cloud technology is vital, particularly as the threat of cyber-attack is continually rising, which has meant that businesses must ensure each and every aspect of their IT systems are protected. Cloud providers will continually update and audit security processes, and, for many, regular backups will also be made, therefore in disasters, you will still have access to your vital documents.

Environmentally friendly

More and more businesses across the world are turning their attention to their carbon footprint, MWL Systems included. Cloud technology ultimately eliminates a significant proportion of waste from a business, not only by reducing the number of physical servers required, but the energy used to power said servers.

Of course, these are just some of the many benefits that cloud technology can offer businesses, there are countless others that organisations across the globe are taking advantage of on a daily basis. Get in touch with our team today to find out how cloud technology could transform your business’ IT.