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The top five benefits of SharePoint

One of the most popular tools utilised by businesses worldwide, SharePoint can greatly enhance the capabilities of your business across a number of areas. SharePoint Online is a cloud-based platform that allows users to store, share and manage digital information.

Many companies choose to use SharePoint in place of a traditional intranet system, as more often than not, it offers customers a greater number of features and can be seamlessly integrated with other Microsoft products. So, what are the main benefits for businesses when using SharePoint?


The benefits of SharePoint


As with any other aspect of your IT systems, security is one of your top priorities, and this is something that is second to none with SharePoint. With physical security at data centres (in undisclosed locations), data encryption, regular backups, the necessity for users to implement strong passwords, as well as multiple level authentication for users, you can rest assured that any and all data or documents shared can only be accessed by those with authorisation.

Accessible across devices

As more businesses choose to implement flexible and remote working policies, it has become vital that data and documents are easily accessible, this includes access across multiple devices, such as desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. The SharePoint platform is highly responsive and therefore team members can easily and quickly access any documents they may need, no matter what device they have at hand.

Cost effective  

SharePoint will often replace the necessity for an expensive intranet system within a business, and as with its functionality rivalling, if not bettering, traditional intranets, it will ultimately work out to be a much more cost-effective option. In addition to this, due to the fact that users can upload and share forms, contracts and other forms of data, this removes both the time and cost of having to print, scan and securely store documents.


Collaborative work is essential to the running of many businesses, but being able to collaborate effectively can be a challenge. SharePoint provides extraordinary capabilities for teams to work on various parts of one project at the same time, thus greatly reducing the amount of time it would typically take to complete. This can also include collaboration with third parties, as the system will allow you to provide password protected access to areas of the system, providing the ability to view and upload relevant documents associated with a project (at no extra cost).


With the ability for users to access their work from multiple locations, across a variety of devices as well as work on projects alongside fellow team members simultaneously, productivity levels within your business will improve significantly when using SharePoint. As your business grows, and your system requirements expand, the platform’s app store allows you to add additional functionality to the system, as and when you need it (e.g. timesheets, holiday calendars, directories, DocuSign and much more.)

The sheer number of options available to users when it comes to SharePoint can be daunting. The team here at MWL Systems has supported countless clients with implementing a SharePoint system that has been entirely adapted to their business’ requirements. Contact us today to find out more about how SharePoint Online can benefit you.