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The top five benefits of Power BI

Microsoft’s comprehensive analytics tool, Power BI, has found huge success within the business world, in large part due to the effective way in which it provides highly useful business intelligence, that is key to ensuring a business is operating efficiently and competitively. Our own customers here at MWL Systems, have found significant benefit in using this popular software, take a look below as we outline the top five benefits that Power BI has provided our customers.

The top five benefits of Power BI

Power BI benefits

Integration with other software

Power BI will integrate seamlessly with many leading software packages, this means that not only will it gather data easily, but allow you to export reports, graphs and visuals into other programmes.

Data from multiple sources

Due to its ability to integrate with a vast array of software, Power BI can collect data from multiple sources, even those not associated with Microsoft.

Personalised dashboards

Not only does Power BI provide an effective tool for compiling data, but it does so in a visually engaging way, with fully customisable dashboards so that it suits the precise requirements of a business. Furthermore, with its easy to use interface, much of the software allows you to simply drag and drop features into place, therefore users, no matter what their technology knowledge, should find the software easy to use.

Simple and secure sharing

As with all Microsoft products that we provide clients, Power BI offers a secure platform in which to collect and analyse data, produce reports, graphs and other visuals, that can subsequently be shared across a wide variety of devices and formats with colleagues.

No constraints

As with many cloud applications, Power BI can be easily scaled up or down depending on the requirements of your business. And without the constraints of memory, speed or device, users are able to swiftly retrieve the data and reports of visuals they require, wherever they may be.

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