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The top features of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has taken the business world by storm. With its power to boost collaboration and communication amongst team members, this innovative platform is now utilised by businesses globally.

Harnessing Teams’ improved collaborative capabilities, businesses are enjoying significantly higher levels of productivity amongst colleagues, even when staff are working remotely. If you are interested in implementing Microsoft Teams into your business, we have compiled a handy list of some of its top features.

Work together in multiple ways

Whether team members are based in the same office, home workers or are working from various locations across the UK or abroad, Teams offers easy and efficient ways for members to communicate. People can talk to each other as they’d normally do over the phone, use video conferencing and video calling.  They can collaborate on documents, avoiding duplication and the need for multiple emails requesting changes, everyone has access to the latest master copy of key reports and team members can keep in constant contact with one another during time critical projects.

Organise chats into separate departments

Projects will often require the input of multiple departments within a business. Often, relying on email can complicate the details and hinder the progress of a project if key messages are not shared with each department. Teams allows users to organise chats into logical categories, allowing the appropriate department to view, share and communicate information relevant to a certain area, without clogging up everybody’s inbox!

Access from any device

A feature of the majority of cloud software, and one that is key to the productivity of any business, is accessibility from any device. Whether using mobile, laptop, desktop or tablet, your team members will be able to access Teams, keep up to date and collaborate on projects at any time of the day. This is particularly useful when working to tight deadlines, offering remote working, and working across different time zones.

Collaborate with both your customers and suppliers

Not only will Teams allow your employees to communicate and collaborate more effectively, but it will also allow you to give access to key suppliers to enable them to collaborate with you on certain projects. Teams will enable you to provide controlled levels of access to customers and suppliers so that key people can view various areas that require their input, whilst keeping the rest of your data and documents secure.


A key and essential part of implementing any cloud software is that it requires high levels of cyber security, and this is something that is guaranteed with Microsoft Teams. Developed using the highest cyber security industry standards, Teams has all the necessary systems in place to ensure that cyber risk is kept to an absolute minimum.

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