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The top 5 key components to business IT security

IT security, particularly cyber security, is vital for all companies across the globe, protecting them from both internal and external threats, that could otherwise lead to the demise of a business.

Figures show that four in ten businesses suffered a breach or attack in 2017/18, with the most common culprit being a fraudulent email. Now with GDPR, businesses not only face the risk of losing data and money, but they also risk a significant fine if found to be lacking effective cyber security procedures.

business IT security

Effective IT security

Strong passwords

Having a strong password policy for your business is essential, this is the first line of defence when it comes to protecting sensitive data, documents and operating systems. Use complex password generation, two-step authentication and change each password on a regular basis.

Staff training

With fraudulent emails one of the top causes of cyber-attacks, arguably this will have been caused by lack of cyber security education for the individual opening said email. Your staff must be made aware of what to look for in a suspect email, and the process of dealing with one when received.

Security software

Anti-virus detection software is one of the most effective ways to ensure data is protected, and your business is warned at the earliest possible moment that something may be amiss.

Latest updates

Software companies are continually strengthening their approach to cyber security, and with each update they release that particular software becomes more and more secure. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you ensure your operating system is as current as possible.

Regular back-ups

If the worst were to happen, and your business fell victim to a cyber-attack, having a recent backup of your files and data will ensure that you are back up and running as quickly as possible.

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