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The best cloud storage solutions for businesses

When it comes to storing your business’ valuable data, a significant number of companies are utilising the power of the cloud as opposed to using physical in-house servers for storage. This vast increase in cloud storage popularity over the past decade arguably comes as a result of the capabilities that the cloud offers a business, that in-house data storage struggle to compete with.

Cloud storage solutions

Benefits of cloud storage

The ideal cloud storage solution for your business will offer a number of benefits to keep your business productive long term. Just some of these benefits include:

  • Scalable
  • Cost effective
  • Secure
  • Accessible
  • Reduced maintenance

Identifying a cloud storage supplier that will provide all of these benefits, whilst maintaining a reliable service is vital. Without a reliable service you run the risk of significant business downtime, as well as reduced productivity, should your employees not be able to access files when needed.

The team at MWL Systems has spent many years working with cloud storage suppliers, assessing their viability for clients and ensuring their capabilities continue to meet the needs of our clients. Whilst there are many storage solutions out there, our team has identified what they would consider the best storage solution for businesses.


Developed by Microsoft, Azure is one of the leading cloud storage solutions used by businesses all across the globe. Supported by a vast network of Microsoft managed data centres, Azure offers a secure and reliable solution, and with an effective back-up system, you can rest assured that your business’ level of protection will rival those used in some of the world’s biggest organisations.

Find out more about this leading cloud storage solution on our blog, ‘what is Azure?’.

Office 365

Many businesses want to take that next step when it comes to utilising the capabilities that cloud software can offer, not just the strong data storage it provides. Microsoft 365 offers the ideal solution to do just this, with a variety of applications available to ensure your business’ 365 is entirely customised to requirements. Of course, you will have access to Azure, but also SharePoint which will allow your employees to securely share and work on the same documents, and many other Microsoft cloud products.

If you are looking for an effective cloud storage solution, contact the MWL Systems team today to discover the benefits of our cloud services.