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The benefits of VoIP technology

The past decade has seen VoIP technology expand rapidly, with countless businesses now choosing to implement these systems over traditional phone lines.

VoIP (voice over internet protocol), is a phone system that, as the name suggests, allows users to make calls using the internet, without the necessity of a landline.

VoIP technology has come a long way, from what was once considered a poor-quality phone system, technological advances have meant that VoIP now arguably offers much more to businesses than a landline. Below we will take a look at some of the top benefits of VoIP technology for businesses.

The benefits of VoIP technology

The benefits of VoIP


Calls made using a VoIP phone system are more often than not free of charge, this means that calls to anywhere in the world will not cost a business at all, as long as there is a reliable internet connection in place. In contrast, the cost of landline phone calls, particularly long distance, can amount to a substantial bill for a business, not to mention the cost of maintenance and installing additional phone lines when a business expands.


No matter if your business is expanding or reducing in size, a VoIP phone system can scale to your needs relatively simply. Therefore, it isn’t necessary to predict how many employees you may gain or lose over the coming year so that you can plan how many costly phone lines need to be installed, VoIP lines can be added or taken away easily and quickly, to suit your requirements.


For businesses considering moving premises, those with remote workers, or those wanting to keep in contact whilst on a business trip, VoIP offers the ideal solution as it will move with you. No matter where in the world you may be, as long as you have internet access VoIP will keep you connected.

Additional features

There are a whole host of additional features that can be incorporated into a VoIP phone system that will allow your business to remain connected in the most effective way possible. Just some of the features available include:

  • Follow me – you can set your VoIP system to call your office, mobile or tablet all at once so that no matter where you are you can answer a vital phone call
  • Voicemails – gain access to your voicemails both in and out of the office
  • Call recording – an essential training and quality control method for businesses, you can choose to record all or a selection of calls
  • Incoming call rules – vital in light of GDPR, you can filter calls according to caller ID and time, thus improving privacy
  • And so many others

Is your business utilising the power of VoIP technology? Get in touch today to discuss your business’ requirements with our experts.