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Six ways your IT can improve business’ productivity

When it comes to boosting your business’ productivity, your IT systems, if they are inadequate or ageing, could be the culprit behind counter-productivity.

Poor IT will lead to significant downtime for businesses, limit access to vital documents and ultimately make it much harder than it needs to be to complete work efficiently.

We have met and worked with so many businesses that are held back by ineffective IT systems. We take great pleasure in implementing the ideal solution, allowing our clients to operate much more effectively and grow. To highlight the impact that great IT can have, we have compiled the top ways that the right system can improve productivity.

improving productivity

More opportunity for remote working

Over the past few years, remote working has been implemented by countless businesses, improving productivity and leading to happier employees. However, poor IT will limit, if not entirely stop, a company’s ability to offer remote working. Things like cloud technology, the ideal server, VoIP phone systems and software packages will allow team members to work in multiple locations, with minimal disruption.

Reliable connectivity

Companies across the globe now rely on internet connectivity to keep the business running. For many this will include not only computers, but phone systems, printers, and many other essential pieces of hardware. If the internet goes down in a business, this will halt the majority of work that can be carried out. Reliable WiFi is a vital component to any effective IT system, and should be the right package for the requirements of each individual business.

Improve access to vital documents

When working on a project, every team member will need access to the right documents quickly. This means that the right servers and storage must be in place, so as not to hinder the access. The right server must also be able to grow with your business, easily and cost effectively.

Improve collaborative working

Software packages such as Microsoft Office 365, have significantly enhanced a team’s ability to work on the same project at one time, where previously each team member would have to wait for the previous to complete their part before they could access the same documents. Enhanced capabilities to work collaboratively opens up a world of opportunity for businesses to take on more projects and complete them at a much faster rate.

Resolve issues quickly

Issues and queries regarding your IT can come in many forms, whether a system crashes, you require more storage space, you accidently delete a document, or any number of other hinderances you may encounter, your IT should be backed by a qualified expert. This will reduce the amount of time it takes for an issue to be resolved, and therefore less downtime.

 Implementing the right software

No two businesses are the same, and therefore no two businesses will require exactly the same software solutions. Your IT should be designed to answer your requirements, so that it works precisely how you need it to. An expert IT provider will be able to assess your business needs, and make informed recommendations on how your IT can work more effectively.

If you are looking to boost productivity within your business, contact the team at MWL Systems today to discuss your requirements.