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Is the UK doing enough to tackle cyber-crime?

A recent assessment of the UK government’s endeavours to protect UK businesses and organisations from cyber attack has found that there are a number of ‘failings’.

tackling cyber crime

Carried out by the National Audit Office (NAO), the assessment analysed the UK’s current cyber-defence plan and ultimately identified significant uncertainty of the government as to where their efforts should be concentrated to make the biggest impact.

The National Cyber Security Programme consists of 12 ‘strategic outcomes’, all of which aim to keep the UK safe from cyber attack, these include:

  • Defence against ever-evolving cyber attacks
  • The development of cyber skills within the UK
  • Managing and responding to cyber attacks effectively and swiftly
  • Understanding cyber attacks, as well as investigation and disrupting threats
  • Securing government networks

One area of the cyber security strategy that the assessment found to be particularly lacking was the plans in place to protect power plants and hospitals within the UK, it is estimated that less than 80% of projects currently in progress to protect them will finish on schedule.

The main criticism of the government’s plan highlighted within the report is that budget was considered prior to any strategy, and whilst measures have indeed been put in place to protect critical infrastructure across the UK tools to assess their effectiveness were still in development, therefore it is difficult to understand how effective they currently are.

With the risk of attacks ever-increasing and becoming more sophisticated experts have said that modern life is ‘totally dependent’ on effective cyber security. However, as the NAO’s assessment has found, there is still a long way to go before businesses and organisations can be confident that they are completely free from risk of attack.

Cyber security success

The report did highlight some success from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), established through the Cyber Security Programme, by highlighting that a tool created by the NCSC had blocked 54.5 million fake emails between 2017 and 2018. This is of particular importance due to the fact that a significant proportion of cyber attacks originate from suspicious emails being opened.

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