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How will Huawei 5G works impact UK cyber security?

It was reported in April that the UK looked set to allow Chinese technology company Huawei’s telecom equipment to become a part of 5G networks, leading to much debate over the impact that this move could have on the cyber security of UK infrastructure.

5G cyber security

What is 5G?

The next step in connectivity for mobile networks, 5G is estimated to offer 10 to 20 times the speed of its predecessor 4G, resolving consumer demand for even faster connectivity as well as solving the issue of ever-increasing reliance on data by users.

One of the main issues that experts are concerned about with regards to 5G is the viability of increasing the data capabilities of the UK’s critical infrastructure, whilst maintaining the high levels of cyber security necessary to fend off an attack.

Huawei’s involvement in implementing a 5G network within the UK, would involve the use of its telecoms equipment.

International criticism

Australia and the US have voiced their opinion on using Huawei’s equipment for 5G connectivity, both having banned networks from using such equipment. In large part, both countries have said that this ‘next generation network’ would work much differently than 4G and other predecessors. The main concern is that, in using Huawei’s equipment, this would leave infrastructure open to potential Chinese cyber-attacks in the future.

Huawei has adamantly disputed any claims that the use of its equipment would ‘compromise’ a network under the orders of Beijing, going on to say that the company has been ‘targeted by a sustained campaign of ill-informed accusations that its involvement in 5G infrastructure somehow poses a threat’.

What do UK cyber security experts say?

Arguments put forth by Australian tech experts have failed to sway the opinion of many within the UK telecoms industry, who believe that whilst there are some issues with Huawei’s equipment, they would be safe to use within certain aspects of the UK’s 5G networks.

Ultimately, the equipment provided by Huawei has been deemed by experts to be much more advanced than its competitors, and with a strong reputation for customising solutions for customers, the Chinese firm seems to be the best option to effectively implement 5G throughout the UK.

When it comes to examining how Huawei 5G work may impact the UK’s cyber security, the answer differs vastly from country to country. The technology and telecoms industries are awaiting a final decision from the government as to their decision on whether or not to use this equipment moving forward.

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