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How is Elite Group supporting businesses to work effectively from home?

As offices around the world close their doors amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses that have never operated on a remote basis are having to adapt rapidly.

If working remotely has never been a factor within a business before, adapting to this new way of working can be a significant challenge. In order to maintain productivity and efficiency levels (key to their survival) there is very little wriggle room for error.

Supporting businesses in adapting to a remote working environment has been one of our key services here at Elite Group for many years, when it was simply a proportion of the work force that would work at home, some of the time. Over the past few weeks, however, we have been supporting our clients in making this quick transition to remote working seamless, with very little downtime. So, what are the key areas we have been helping with?

Cloud software

The cloud has transformed the way that businesses operate in recent years, and is currently a crucial component enabling people across the globe to work from home effectively. With countless apps, tools and software based in the cloud, it has never been easier to access, edit and share vital documents, not to mention collaborate with your team.

Microsoft Office is one of the leading cloud software programmes out there, with a whole host of features to make remote working easier. Obviously key Microsoft applications such as Word, Outlook and Excel can be accessed through this, from any location, but businesses can also securely share and access documents via SharePoint as well as collaborate and communicate effectively through Microsoft Teams. The Elite team have been ensuring that our clients’ cloud software is doing what it needs to, to keep their teams productive throughout the pandemic.

Cyber security

Without the appropriate cyber security procedures in place, the COVID-19 pandemic could present a golden opportunity for cyber criminals to take advantage of any vulnerabilities a company may have. It is essential therefore that your risk is assessed and the appropriate measures are being put in place.

This is precisely what Elite Group has been carrying out for companies, both prior to and since the pandemic began. This not only includes checking how up to date software is and putting the right virus protection in place, but also in establishing effective cyber security policies to ensure all staff within a business are aware of their responsibilities and what threats to look out for.


One of the biggest hurdles businesses will need to overcome when transitioning to working remotely, is keeping those all important lines of communication open within the company itself and between its clients and prospective customers.

The majority of Elite’s clients are already taking advantage of our Unified Communications service, meaning that their existing phone lines are VoIP, giving them comprehensive functionality with regards to their phone calls, including voicemails, incoming call rules, screening and forwarding, call recording and so much more. For those businesses now working entirely from home, this also means that the company’s phones can be taken home, plugged in and used precisely how they would in the office, and phone lines can also be transferred to mobiles.

Ultimately, in the midst of the upheaval of their businesses we have been supporting our clients in ensuring that they can continue to operate efficiently, safely and experience very little down time as a result of remote working.

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