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How has technology developed over the past decade?

It goes without saying that technology is evolving at a rapid pace, with no indication that it will be slowing down any time soon. This means that the technology we have today is quite different from that seen just 10 short years ago. Below we will take a look at how the technology industry has developed over the past decade and what it has meant for individuals and businesses alike.

Technology developments

Technology developments


The way individuals and businesses communicate has expanded year on year for decades. The past ten years in particular has seen a huge rise in communication via video conferencing, making the consideration of geographical location a thing of the past, and greatly increasing opportunities for businesses internationally.

The cloud

Arguably one of the biggest technological developments that has found tremendous popularity is the cloud. With a vast number of applications now available, from Azure to Office 365, Power BI to SharePoint, and even our telephone lines now operating via the cloud, countless opportunities have been opened. In fact, the cloud has provided businesses with a platform for an entirely new way of working, on which employees can work remotely from wherever in the world they might be, collaborating, sharing and saving data easily.


Cyber threats have been around for decades, however over the course of the past decade, attacks have been coming increasingly more sophisticated, making it much more complex to protect businesses and individuals from falling victim to a cyber-attack. In response to this, experts worldwide have developed new technologies, guidance and training to ensure that a business’ risk to cyber attack remains minimal.

As we look towards what the next 10 years may bring, with 5G on the horizon, driverless cars in development, the ‘Internet of Things’ (IOT), growth in artificial intelligence and much more, the technology industry, now more than ever before, is opening doors for businesses on a vast scale.

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