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How does Microsoft Teams improve team collaboration?

Collaboration within a business is vital for efficiency, productivity and overall success. Many of our clients approach us in search of an effective way to increase collaboration amongst team members, and whilst there are many apps that work concurrently to improve capabilities in this area, one of the most popular applications we offer is Microsoft Teams.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Integrated as Part of Office 365, Microsoft Teams provides users with a comprehensive platform on which to chat, conference call, as well as share files and apps. This easily scalable software means that whether your business is small or large, based in various locations nationally and internationally, or is working on multiple projects simultaneously, your teams are able to work and communicate effectively with one another at all times.

The benefits of Microsoft Teams

Improved communication amongst team members

Even office-based workers can struggle to communicate effectively with one another on a single project, for many reasons, not least being the many distractions that office life can bring (i.e. telephone calls, questions from other colleagues, break times, lunch times, etc). Whilst email may seem like a reasonable option to communicate on a project, email chains can often become confusing when multiple people are sending back and forth, ultimately taking a conversation off-course. The chat function of Microsoft Teams will allow individuals to communicate with their team seamlessly.

Focuses conversations

One project may have multiple areas that are worked on simultaneously, meaning lots of information in multiple locations. Microsoft Teams allows you to dedicate ‘channels’ to certain areas of information, therefore making it much simpler to source the right documents or information and allowing you to focus on your work at hand.

Increased remote working capabilities

Remote working is utilised by countless businesses across the globe, but many are apprehensive to implement this innovate new way of working due to the fact that teams will no longer be working alongside one another. This is precisely the situation where Microsoft Teams is ideal, as it allows for communication, file sharing and, when used alongside other Office 365 applications, can even support teams as they co-author documents.

Do you want to find out more about how Microsoft Teams could allow your team to work more efficiently? Contact our team to discuss your requirements.