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GDPR one year on. Is your business meeting all its obligations?

It has now been a year since the introduction of GDPR.  In the run up to its introduction there was widespread media coverage and much speculation over how the legislation would be enforced.  Many organisations were concerned about the impact GDPR would have on the way they work and the impact it could have on their business.


A year on it seems like the perfect time to reflect.  After the initial flurry of emails asking us if we were happy to continue to receive emails from pretty much every company we’d ever dealt with, most of us forgot all about GDPR.  For those dealing with personal data as part of their job though it has remained a priority.

At MWL Systems we have supported many businesses with implementing the IT systems needed to manage their data and ensure they adhere to the legislation. We’ve also run a number of workshops to provide information and guidance in this area.

For those businesses that prepared for the change and invested in their CRM and data management systems the transition has been relatively painless.  However, it is clear that there are still many organisations out there that still haven’t put adequate systems in place to ensure they are compliant. This could be down to complacency or lack of understanding.

GDPR Breaches

There have been a number of high-profile breaches leading to significant fines.  These have included well known brands such as Facebook and Uber.  GDPR might not be receiving as much news coverage as it did initially but we think there will undoubtedly be more cases and fines in the near future.

If you put systems in place twelve months ago now is a good time to review your processes and systems.  It is worth reminding employees of the GDPR regulations, their obligations and the consequences of processes not being followed.  Do you have a Data Protection Officer in place?  If not do you need one?  Is all personal data, for employees and customers, being collected and stored in line with GDPR?  Do you have the right processes in place to detect, investigate and report any breaches that might arise?

If you have any concerns about GDPR and whether you are fully compliant then get in touch.  Our team can help to ensure you are doing everything necessary to be GDPR compliant.  We can advise on IT systems which will help meet the needs of your business.