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Five steps for secure business emails

Emails are an essential part to the day to day running for the vast majority of businesses. Unfortunately, cyber criminals know this, and that is precisely why emails are one of the most targeted aspects of a business during a cyber-attack.

According to research 43% of breaches occurred last year as a result of a fraudulent email, with a further 12% due to a cyber-criminal impersonating an organisation within an email or online. Subsequently, having a thorough understanding of cyber-crime, implementing the correct procedures and keeping track with developments is essential for any business, to significantly reduce their risk of attack. Below we will explore five steps that every business can follow to ensure secure business emails.

Secure business emails

Secure business emails

1. Training

One of the most important stages for any business when it comes to email cyber security is to educate each and every employee on how they can protect their email communications. Your staff should know how to identify suspicious emails and what to do with a suspicious email once it has been identified. Each new employee should be provided with this same training, and ideally your staff should be provided with a refresher course regularly.

2. Strong passwords

It goes without saying that simple passwords are significantly easier to crack than complex ones. Therefore, each and every business should have a strict password policy that ensures passwords are a mixture of letters (both upper and lower case), symbols, numbers and contain no identifiable words or dates. Employees should also ensure that no two passwords are the same, and that each are changed on a regular basis.

3. Avoid public wi-fi

With more and more choosing flexible working, as well as countless meetings taking place outside of the office, businesses will regularly be tempted to use a public wi-fi connection to access emails or secure company apps. Hackers are now using public hot spots and wi-fi to target potential victims, once someone is connected to a public wi-fi connection they are more vulnerable to an attack as opposed to their own secure connection.

4. Email security software

Installing effective email security software will be your first line of defence to block potential threats before it even reaches yours or your employee’s inboxes. A comprehensive software solution will help to protect your business emails from malware, viruses, spam and filter any suspicious emails.

5. Bring in the experts

Whilst an effective understanding of cyber security is essential for any business owner and manager, knowing how to implement procedures, software and carry out training can be trickier. Bringing in the IT experts to take care of this aspect will ultimately provide your business with the most appropriate solution for your requirements.

For over thirty years MWL Systems has been adapting to the ever-changing nature of cyber threats, and passing on our knowledge and expertise to clients. With cyber security now one of the top priorities for businesses worldwide, our dedicated team ensures every client has the most relevant IT security procedures in place to keep their risk of cyber attack to a minimum. Contact our team today to discuss your email security requirements.