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Five critical questions you should be asking your IT service provider

When it comes to choosing your IT service provider there are countless questions that your business should be asking, to ensure you will be partnering with the ideal company, who will ultimately provide the most effective IT support for your requirements.

The IT support experts here at MWL Systems have been analysing what is, in their opinion, some of the most vital questions that should be asked of an IT company, take a look at the top five questions below:

IT service provider

Questions for your IT service provider

How can I make my business more productive?

Once they know your business and the way in which it works, your ideal IT service provider should be able to make informed recommendations on the most effective solutions to increase productivity. This will encompass a variety of things including the infrastructure of your IT, network, storage, software, hardware and much more.

Is my software appropriate for my business’ requirements?

Your IT support company should spend time analysing your business’ requirements, identifying where your current software is lacking and provide comprehensive recommendations on how these areas can be improved with different or additional software.

How is my data protected?

One of the most important areas of business’ IT is its data protection, not only to ensure that all necessary company data is stored safely, but also your client’s data. Particularly with the introduction of GDPR, companies must ensure their IT systems adequately stores and protects data.

What happens if my business experiences a disaster?

Not only should you have the security procedures in place to reduce your business’ risk to attack, but should the worst happen (e.g. cyber-attack, flood, fire, etc), you also need to be confident that your IT provider can respond quickly, and get your business back up and running as soon as possible.

How can you accommodate remote workers?

With more and more businesses opting for flexible working practices for their employees, many others allowing employees to work from home, as well as countless other professionals working whilst on business trips, your IT provider must ensure that access to all necessary documents, emails and even phone lines, are accessible at all times and from any location.

Are you ready to ask these questions? Speak to the friendly MWL Systems team today to find out how our IT and technology expertise can benefit your business.