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Event success for MWL Systems and Elite Group

MWL - Event success for MWL Systems and Elite Group

Last month, the team here at MWL Systems and Elite Group hosted our first ever Collaboration Celebration event.  It provided attendees with a unique insight into how collaborative working and unified communications can work to make their business more productive.

Businesses from across the region travelled to the event which was held at Chester Racecourse, and attendees were treated to a buffet breakfast and delicious lunch in between our series of informative seminars.

Our Collaboration Celebration event was held not only to provide invaluable information on collaborative working, but also the tools required to do this and how to achieve collaboration securely. Here’s a summary of some of the things we covered throughout the day:-

Former MD of MWL Systems and now Director of IT Operations at Elite Group, Matt Kingsley-Williams, gave attendees a warm welcome and a brief history of MWL, explaining the team are proud of the fact the company is now in its 35th year, supporting clients all over the UK with their IT requirements.

Matt then gave a recap of the expertise and structure of the MWL business.  He highlighted how this year has marked a significant and exciting milestone in terms of the company’s acquisition by Elite. And then went on to explain why we enjoy holding events such as this, helping businesses in our region make sense of the ever changing technological products being marketed by the big IT providers, and demystifying what can be overly complicated terminology employed, ultimately helping them take advantage of the best and most appropriate products for their particular business.

Matt’s intro was followed by an overview from Rob Sims, CEO of Elite Group. Rob spoke about the success story of Elite and the journey the company has taken, how it has grown its operations and how the expertise of the MWL Systems team will allow the business to increase its ability to support its clients in an ever-changing technological landscape.

One of the biggest aspects to technology’s impact on the business world is its value in terms of increasing productivity, therefore we heard from experts in Unified Communications, Paul Elmore and Peter Jury, on how to work more effectively by utilising cloud technologies. This included a discussion on the rise of remote working and mobile workforces, and how unified communications can make this possible for companies without detracting from productivity.

Following this we were provided with informative discussions on some of the top cloud software on the market. Nigel Blain, Cloud Consultant, provided an overview of Microsoft SharePoint and how it is modernising current business intranet systems. Then we heard from Ian Grobler, a Technical Architect, who gave us a comprehensive guide to Microsoft Teams and how businesses worldwide are using it to improve communication amongst teams and departments.

One of the most important considerations for businesses over the past few years and one that will continue to be a top priority, is the issue of security and compliance. This is one of the main considerations for companies when implementing cloud technology, therefore Cloud Consultant, Will Jones, took attendees through a number of ways that they can make their business more secure and comply with legislation.

Last but most certainly not least Adam Turton, Managing Director at Elite Group closed our event and spoke engagingly and positively about the future and what it will hold for the business improving technologies coming up stream, the business world generally, and indeed for the customers of Elite Group and MWL Systems.

Take a look at our Collaboration Celebration video below:

This is just another in a series of highly successful events that we have run over the past few years. And with the continued support and expertise from Elite Group we look forward to hosting even more varied events to continue providing invaluable information to businesses throughout the North West and North Wales.

You can find all of our upcoming events, workshops and seminars by visiting our Events page.