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Cyber security trends for 2019

For businesses across the globe, over the past decade the view of cyber security has developed from something that an arguably low number of businesses took seriously, to a subject that almost EVERY business is talking about, and something that each must ensure is appropriately addressed to protect its future.

Due to the unpredictable nature of cyber-attack, cyber security procedures, technology, regulation and more continue to develop at a rapid pace, in response to the growing threat. Below we are taking a look at our top business cyber security predictions for the next 12 months.

Cyber security trends for 2019

Business cyber security in 2019

Cloud security

Companies across the globe have been adopting cloud technology at a rapid pace, recognising the benefits it can bring in terms of productivity, efficiency and flexibility to a workforce. This year we expect to see a significant rise in cloud-based security software being chosen by businesses to reduce risk to cyber-attack.

Due to the fact that the cloud allows for scalability easily and cost effectively, this will be the ideal option for countless businesses, but particularly those with remote workers who may be accessing other cloud technologies simultaneously.

Two step password authentications

As cyber attacks become more and more sophisticated in their planning, so must our security procedures to keep them out. One of the main things we all do to keep our data private is setting a password, however a complex password simply isn’t cutting it anymore, and therefore many companies are opting for multi-step password authentications.

Multi-step authentication will see users initially use their chosen password to log into a device or software, and then be required to complete an additional method of authentication, such as a code texted to a chosen phone number, to verify that you are who you say you are.

Reacting to regulation

We are eight months into new regulations with regards to data protection, which transformed the way that businesses were required to think about the way they collected, stored and disposed of data, with particular emphasis on the security of said data.

Because of GDPR, companies must now analyse their cyber security procedures in minute detail, considering all potential threats and how they can be avoided. Whilst many businesses began this process in 2018, we expect countless more to continue to adapt their cyber security to ensure compliance with GDPR well into 2019 and beyond, as threats evolve and new technologies provide further opportunity.

Are you aware of the cyber security threats facing your business in 2019? Or are you looking to overhaul your current procedures? Contact our cyber security experts here at MWL Systems today to book in a security review.