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7 signs you should outsource your IT support

Outsourcing certain functions can provide a whole host of benefits for your business, from reduced costs and improved efficiencies, not to mention the time saved for business owners and managers, who are subsequently free to focus on other areas.

For your IT systems in particular, outsourcing can not only improve the productivity and efficiency of your business, but can ultimately be one of the most important factors to its survival. Take a look below as we explore the top seven signs that you should outsource your IT support:

outsourced IT support

Should you outsource IT?

You only have one person handling your IT

Having just one team member or a very small team responsible for your IT will ultimately lead to significant problems, should any issues arise when said team member is on annual leave, is off sick or even chooses to leave. Many businesses choose to retain their IT expert in-house, however by choosing to add that extra bit of support by outsourcing other areas of their IT, not only reduces pressure on the in-house department but also provides access to a vast number of experts.

You don’t fully understand cyber security

The threat of cyber attack is an ever-evolving and ever-growing issue for businesses of all sizes, but one that many fail to understand the severity of. If you are unsure of how to protect your business from the threat of cyber-attack, or you don’t think that your business will be targeted, then this is a sure sign that you need to outsource your IT security to the experts.

Staff productivity is down due to IT issues

Downtime due to IT issues will greatly impact the productivity of any business, if this happens regularly enough, you also run the risk of losing valuable data and documents. With highly qualified professionals on hand within an outsourced department, the speed at which an issue is resolved increases significantly, and in turn reduces the amount of downtime an IT issue will cause.

You haven’t utilised the cloud

The cloud has been one of the most significant technological advances within the IT industry, allowing for increasing capacity and efficiency as well as a cost-effective alternative to purchasing expensive hardware. Reviewing and adapting your IT infrastructure onto a cloud-based framework can be tricky, but with the support of an outsourced IT department, who will analyse, plan and implement the new framework, outsourcing can greatly improve your business’ capabilities.

Your systems are slow and outdated

Not only will an outdated system increase your risk of cyber-attack, but it will ultimately have a huge impact on productivity within your business, not to mention the frustration that will be felt by your team of having to work with slow computers. A reliable IT company will not only be able to recommend the ideal systems for your business’ requirements, but they will also have those all-important partnerships with leading technology companies, thus reducing the cost of buying individually.

You can only work from the office

More and more companies are choosing to implement flexible and remote working as part of their benefits, as this allows employees to work varying hours, away from the office. This is not possible, however, without the right software in place. The cloud will play a huge part in this process, as well the right hardware, both of which an IT expert will be able to help you source and install.

You have no disaster recovery plan

An effective disaster recovery plan is vital for businesses, to guarantee that they can get back up and running quickly following a disaster, no matter what that may be: fire, cyber-attack, flooding or any number of other man-made or natural disasters. An outsourced IT company will be able to support you in producing this plan, testing it and initiating it should the worst happen.

If you are looking to outsource your IT support, contact the team at MWL Systems today. With a vast team at both our Wrexham Head Office as well as many other IT experts based within our parent company, Elite Group, your can rest assured that your IT will be in the best possible hands.