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IT security has been a growing concern for businesses in recent years.

At MWL Systems we work closely with our clients to ensure they have in place the appropriate measures to guard against security breaches and cyber attacks. Threats are evolving all the time so there is no time to stand still. Our IT security experts are constantly assessing and monitoring the risks and threats and we utilise some of the most up-to-date and sophisticated software to protect our clients and their businesses.

With the increase in the frequency of attacks and the potential damage cybercrime can inflict, businesses need to make sure they have suitable network security deployed.

Coupled with having the right software and systems in place, organisations need to ensure their staff are trained and have an awareness of the risks and threats. Savvy employees can be one of the keys to protecting your systems and data whereas individuals who don’t understand the risks can unwittingly ‘invite’ malware and viruses into the business network.

There are a wide range of threats and issues that need to be addressed by all organisations.

Unprotected WiFi points, open USB ports and even careless password policies can leave systems open to abuse and compromise.

Email security, SPAM, virus attacks, insecure web browsing and secure hardware disposal are all valid concerns businesses currently need to address.

At MWL Systems our consultants work with many industry-leading security companies such as Microsoft, Eset, SonicWall to put together robust solutions for your businesses.

Can your company answer these five security questions?

  1. How am I protected if a member of my staff decides to steal data, misuse information, commit fraud or just makes a mistake?
  2. What stops my business being hit like the bigger firms that I see in the press getting attacked?
  3. What are the most valuable things my business has (customer data, IPR, reputation etc)?
  4. If I had a security breach tomorrow what would I do? (or how would I know?)
  5. Could I get all the data back if I lost a server, laptop, member of staff, filing cabinet etc?

If you can’t answer any of the questions or haven’t reviewed your IT security recently then get in touch to discuss how we can help.

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Disaster recovery

We all hope it doesn’t happen to us, but if it does being prepared can make all the difference to the impact of an attack or any problem which impacts your IT systems.

It is worth remembering that a disaster recovery plan isn’t just for implementation in the event of a cyber attack. Floods, lightning strikes, heat waves and other natural disasters can all cause problems as can man-made disasters such as fires or riots for example.

In any eventuality where IT systems have been affected, having a disaster recovery plan in place which can be actioned quickly is the best approach to getting your business back up and running and providing a service to your clients.

We can offer a complete service which will help assess your risk and put a back-up recovery plan in place to ensure your business is back up and running as quickly as possible.


Get in touch to find out more and discuss how we can help you safeguard your business.