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Whatever your business, having the right WiFi solutions in place can make a huge difference to productivity as well as to customer and staff satisfaction.

Connectivity is so important and should be treated as a priority for any organisation.


At MWL Systems we have extensive experience of assessing and analysing businesses and their WiFi needs. All too often we see organisations putting up with a system which doesn’t fully meet their requirements. WiFi connectivity has advanced dramatically and with the right infrastructure and expertise it is possible to have a well-connected workspace even in the most unusual or complicated of environments.

Connectivity and solutions

We can help businesses with WiFi solutions for:

  • Outdoor spaces
  • Underground work spaces
  • Connectivity between separate buildings, this could be up to a distance of 15km
  • Buildings with multiple residents, such as apartment complexes or student residences
  • Spaces where public WiFi access is required, from coffee shops and restaurants to conference centres and airports people now expect WiFi access wherever they are

We work closely with clients to understand the connectivity which would benefit their organisation.

We can then carry out site audits prior to designing a wireless network which will provide the best possible coverage and security.

Our engineers can look at your systems, advise on equipment and ensure your network is optimised and offers the best possible coverage.

WiFi security

Making sure your WiFi is secure is crucial.

One simple way to improve the security of your network is to ensure that suitable network access is set up for different individuals and their circumstances. Visitors using your WiFi should log-on to a separate guest network to minimise the risk to your business. In some cases this could be registering for one off access or for regular visitors it may be that a password and login can be set up which can be used each time they visit.

Depending on the nature of your business you may not have considered the need for separate guest access. Guest access is often thought of as something which is required in the hospitality industry but it is now needed by most businesses. Clients, suppliers, sales people and individuals such as those on work placements could all need internet access.

Likewise, there should be separate WiFi provision for those who bring their own devices to work (BYOD). This will help to protect your network and data from threats which could be inadvertently brought in to the workplace.

To discuss your connectivity solutions, please get in touch.

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