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MWL Systems

With our unified communications service, we bring together all aspects of your business communications to create an integrated system which is reliable, cost effective and offers a wide range of functionality.

As part of a modern, unified communications system we provide a hosted PBX which is a cloud-based telephone system often referred to as VOIP telephony.

Our hosted PBX replaces your traditional, out-dated exchange with a fast, functional and future-proof solution. It uses the internet to make phone calls via a highly secure server, removing the need for expensive phonelines, hardware and maintenance.


Our unified communications systems allow you to make free calls over our assured IP (internet protocol) connectivity, work from anywhere and take advantage of a host of features.

Fully scalable, the system offers complete flexibility; additional users can be added as and when required making it ideal for growing businesses.

Features include:


Follow me

Pick up a call in the office, at home, on your mobile or tablet. All ring at once.

Incoming call rules

Improve privacy by filtering calls according to caller ID and time.


Call screening and forwarding

Forward and screen calls by destination.


Get your voicemail even if you’re out of the office, or have it sent to your email.

Interactive voice response

Create complex auto-attendant voice menus.

Local agents

Organise your calls into queues for the right destinations and local agents.

Call recording

Event driven or unconditional.


Train new workers, or listen to active conversations.

Advanced reporting

Optimise business efficiency with detailed call reports.

Remote agents

Allow remote users to connect to your network, on any phone.

Many of the features and settings can be easily changed by users in house, such as call forwards and personal greetings which makes it a user-friendly system and minimises the need for IT experts to make changes.

In addition to the above features there are a number of significant benefits of moving to our hosted telephony system.

  • The system is cloud based which means we can carry out any maintenance and upgrades off-site without any disruption to you or your workforce
  • There are no expensive annual maintenance fees to pay
  • Our datacentre has automatic failover in place which means that in the unlikely event of a problem you won’t experience any downtime

If you are a growing organisation and are looking for a reliable, future-proof telecoms system which is cost effective and will adapt with your business then get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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