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Webinar – Securing the Public Cloud (Hosted by Sophos)

In this session we will be covering a range of topics when looking at Public Cloud Security. Why this is needed? What is the Shared Responsibility Model? What do Sophos Offer? and how do we differentiate in the market?

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In today’s highly mobile world, there is no one size fits all for any network and getting your Wi-Fi right for an ever-changing environment can be a very tall order.

This webinar will explain how Wi-Fi can be much more than just a means of connectivity. We’ll discuss how managing your Wi-Fi as part of a system can greatly improve visibility, to give you better protection. We’ll also help you understand what to consider to get the scalability you need to provide an overall better user experience.

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Are you responsible for your company’s IT?

Is your current IT system holding you back?

Would you like to find out about how some of the region’s best performing businesses manage their IT?

Are you looking to learn more about how effective IT could benefit your business?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, join us at MWL Systems for one of our free, no obligation ‘Introduction to Effective IT’ events.

We will tell you about some of the innovative ways in which we help our clients improve their business’ productivity by having the right IT in place, ensuring their operations run smoothly without the stress of inadequate or poorly performing IT systems.

To enable us to reach and help as many people as possible, we run our events on the second Monday of every month.  Beginning at 10am, over refreshments you will have the opportunity of an informal one-to-one discussion with one of our experts.  We will listen to your requirements, explain who we are, what we do and discuss how our team’s expertise developed over the past 30 years could benefit your business. This will be followed by a behind the scenes tour of our offices, so that you can get a good look at how we work and who exactly will be looking after your IT.

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Karl Ackerman, Sophos Principal Product Manager, explores how threats have changed over the years and spotlights which ones are most prevalent today.

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Choosing a cybersecurity system is a big decision. Get it right and you can reduce cyber risk, enhance cross-estate visibility, and increase return on investment.

How can you be sure of making the right choice?

Join this session to find out:

  • Why more and more organizations are moving from isolated security point products to an interconnected system
  • The key capabilities to look for to get maximum benefit from a cybersecurity system
  • How Sophos’ Synchronized Security system stacks up against Fortinet, SonicWall, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, and Microsoft

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Join Dan Schiappa, general manager and senior vice president of products at Sophos and John Shier, senior security advisor at Sophos, as they highlights the emerging cyberattack trends that will be prevalent throughout 2019 and beyond, as well as how companies can protect themselves.

Attendees of this webcast will:

  • Gain actionable insights on how they can better prepare for the next wave of threats and avoid falling victim to destructive cyberattacks
  • Receive a deep dive into how cybercriminals are innovating their tactics to deploy more sophisticated, targeted attacks and move laterally throughout an organization’s network, hiding in plain sight.
  • Learn how to take an active, layered and predictive approach to security, including implementing best practices and deploying in-depth defense that expect attacks and communicate with each other to stop threats.

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