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Network security and productivity are hot topics for IT managers and business owners.
With the increase in frequency and potential damage from cybercrime, businesses have to make sure they have suitable network security deployed. Linked with this is the activity and behaviour of users as they can unwittingly ‘invite’ malware and viruses into the business network.
There are a wide range of threats and issues that needs addressing by all organisations at some point. Unprotected WiFi points, open USB ports and even careless password policies can leave systems open to abuse and compromise.
Email security, SPAM, virus attacks, insecure web browsing, secure hardware disposal are all valid concerns business currently need to address. MWL Systems’ consultants work with many industry-leading security companies such as Microsoft, Eset, SonicWall to put together a robust solution for your business.

Can your company answer these five security questions?

  • How am I protected if a member of my staff decides to steal data, misuse information, commit fraud or just makes a mistake?
  • What stops my business being hit like the bigger firms that I see in the press getting attacked?
  • What are the most valuable things my business has (customer data, IPR, reputation etc.)?
  • If I had a security breach tomorrow what would I do? (or how would I know?)
  • Could I get all the data back if I lost a server, laptop, member of staff, filing cabinet etc?

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