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CablingWith the day-to-day pressures of running a business, it’s not surprising that it’s often overlooked that without a robust and stable network in place, businesses can grind to a halt. Organisations are so reliant on their data networks for so much that it is crucially important that it has been specified and configured correctly. If a business network fails, the implications can be catastrophic on the organisation and users may lose access to many vital resources. A well designed network also provides many more options for your organisation surrounding Remote Working.

80% of businesses that suffer a major data loss or failure for more than 24 hours close within a year.

MWL specialise in network infrastructure, as it is integral to all IT Systems. Our engineers & consultants have years of experiences supporting and installing networks for organisations of all sizes which means we can instantly advise what the requirements would be for an organisation of your size, structure, turnover and industry. A well designed and supported network can provide your business with a competitive advantage as the communication lines are improved and resilience increased.

  • Telephony
  • Printing
  • Email
  • Video Conferencing
  • SharePoint
Network Infrastructure issues can be felt far and wide through an organisation, MWL Systems specialise in keeping uptime to a maximum. You may see issues with Security, Efficiency, Disaster Recovery, Administration, Resiliance & Reliability, Speed and Costs all coming from any of the following being installed incorrectly; Cabling (Cat5/e, Cat6), Sever Rooms, Switches, Wireless, Cabinets, Hotspots, IP Technologies (VoIP, Surveillance & Audio / Visual), Network Expansion, Performance Upgrades, Mobility, Access Control, Shared Services (Printing, Scanning and other Peripherals).

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