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Why a disaster recovery plan is essential for business?

A disaster for a business can be caused by any number of things, including natural disasters such as flooding and man-made disasters in the form of fire or the ever-increasing threat of cyber attacks. A disaster itself could result in loss of data, assets, significant downtime, amongst a whole host of other issues for businesses of all sizes.

Research has found that only two in five businesses have a disaster recovery plan, and even for those that have a plan in place, additional research has found that only 21% test said plans. Businesses such as these, therefore have no evidence to suggest that if they were unfortunate enough to experience a business disaster that a recovery plan would work in practice.

40% of businesses that are hit by a disaster never reopen, a scary statistic that could be significantly reduced if businesses have an appropriate and effective disaster recovery plan in place.

How to create a disaster recovery plan

Have a plan in place

First and foremost your business needs to have a formal, written, disaster recovery plan in place. Assess your risk and form your plan in accordance to your business’ requirements, minimising the amount of downtime that a disaster may accrue.

Give your staff a role

You should assign roles to particular members of staff so that they each take responsibility for an aspect of the plan, ensuring that they know and understand what they are required to do. In doing this your plan has a better chance of being implemented successfully.

Test your plan

As mentioned earlier, 21% of businesses with a disaster recovery plan in place have never tested it. We not only recommend testing your plan, but testing it regularly to ensure that it remains relevant to your business’ requirements.

Implement effective IT security

Cyber attacks may arguably be the biggest man-made threat to a business, so therefore companies should take the necessary precautions in reducing the cyber security threat.

Backup regularly

Research has found, that on average, businesses will face a recovery time of 30 hours, which could lead to unwanted and unplanned costs. Therefore, in cases of disaster, businesses need to be back up and running as soon as possible. Backing up regularly using cloud-based software will assist in reducing downtime.

MWL Systems have significant experience in assessing a business’ risk and implementing an appropriate IT disaster recovery process. Why not get in touch with our IT experts for more information on how we can help your business?



Why a disaster recovery plan is essential for business?