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What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a constantly growing collection of cloud-based services including; integrated analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, web services and a network of data centres across the globe.

Enabling its customers to build, deploy and manage applications, Azure provides professionals with a range of integrated tools, DevOps and a marketplace to support the build of anything from simple mobile applications through to internet-scale solutions.

For businesses throughout the UK and across a wide range of industries, the benefits of Microsoft Azure have proved to be an invaluable asset to the work that they carry out. Here are just some of the benefits that Microsoft Azure has brought to businesses:

Cost effective & flexible

With Azure, you are able to optimise your existing assets by taking a hybrid approach to the cloud, paying only for the services that you need, when you need them, whilst reducing the time and costs involved installing new server hardware and software.

Data back up & security

Microsoft Azure users will receive simple and reliable backups of data and applications, with the same level of protection that Microsoft Enterprise customers receive, including many of the world’s largest financial institutions.

Easily integrated with current systems & procedures

Azure supports a range of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, databases and devices and was the first major cloud provider to contractually commit to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) due to take effect in May 2018.

Collaborate effortlessly from anywhere

Employees have the ability to securely access their data from any device, in any location across the globe using the cloud technology that Azure provides. This will allow for multiple employees across a number of locations to easily collaborate on projects.

The team at MWL Systems has seen the benefits that Azure has brought for many of our clients first hand. We have extensive experience in analysing the requirements of a business, implementing the ideal Azure package, as well as amending the platform to scale up or down when requirements change, so that our clients receive the most cost-effective and efficient service for their business.

The best way to explain how Microsoft Azure could benefit your business is for us to fully understand your individual needs, so please contact the team today to find out more.  


What is Microsoft Azure?