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What can the recent cyber attacks tell us about IT security for businesses?

There are countless cyber attacks across the globe on a daily basis, however the high profile cyber attacks of recent months have highlighted the importance of robust IT security for businesses.

Public bodies and large organisations have suffered in recent months from significant ransomware attacks which have crippled major systems, if only for a short period of time. Whilst the attacks have been quickly resolved they caused chaos the world over.

Following May’s cyber attack on the NHS and other major organisations around the world, June saw yet another global ransomware that caused turmoil for many. Those affected by this attack included a number of businesses, but also large Ukraine’s state power company, Kiev’s main airport and, scarily, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which had to resort to manually monitoring radiation levels after its Windows based sensors were affected by the attack.

How are cyber attacks informing IT security for UK businesses?

According to a report published by the National Crime Agency, there are a number of developments in the cyber crime arena that businesses and organisations must take into account when planning their own IT security. These have included:

  • The threat of cyber attacks is growing and is subsequently a significant issue
  • Threats to businesses and organisations have been varied in scale, degree of expertise and targets; they are easily adaptable
  • The growth in the number of people using internet connected devices has given attackers more opportunities
  • Attacks have become bolder and on a scale that has not been seen before

The report goes on to provide some opportunities that have the potential to tackle the growing issue of cyber attacks:

  • Any cyber attacks need to be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency for investigation
  • All devices need to be protected from the risk of cyber attacks
  • Having an appropriate plan in place for cyber security and ensuring your business adheres to the plan
  • Promoting awareness of cyber security across UK businesses
  • Sharing your knowledge and expertise amongst the business community
  • Developing your team’s cyber skills and awareness

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What can the recent cyber attacks tell us about IT security for businesses?