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Rising to the Surface

MWL Systems has been confirmed by Microsoft as an official Surface Device Reseller. This means that the company is one of a select group of technology providers who are able to resell Surface Devices and accessories across the UK.

Microsoft Surface has been a growing force in the Mobile Devices Sector and has already established itself as the Number One vendor for 2-in-1 products globally.

There has been a huge amount of interest from customers who are looking to use Microsoft devices in their businesses due to the productivity advantages over other tablets and 2-in-1 devices, and the easy integration with the suite of Microsoft cloud and collaboration software. The ease of adding to a Windows network, great battery life and full size USB ports make them ideal for business.
Commercial Director Matt Kingsley-Williams commented: ”We are seeing a big uptake in Surface devices and are delighted that Microsoft have recognised the potential we have not just to sell them, but our ability to wrap around comprehensive installation and support services. This makes a real difference to our customers, they’re not just buying a device, but a complete solution.”

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Rising to the Surface