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Prepare Now for GDPR, the New Data Protection Regulations

New EU data protection regulations are just around the corner. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and the new regulations will come into force in May 2018 giving businesses just a year from now to ensure they are ready to comply. 

The new regulations are complicated. The basic principles of the new regulations are similar to the UK’s laws on data protection, which were introduced in 1998, however the definition of personal data is wider and brings new kinds of data under regulation. 

The key difference that most businesses need to start considering now, so that they are ready for when the new regulations come in, is that the regulation requires privacy by design. This could potentially have a huge impact on organisations and their IT systems and processes.

Software, systems and processes should all include provision for complying with data protection within their design. There is no one size fits all approach but any business that deals with personal data should be planning for the change and looking at the systems they have in place. 

The changes that are needed to comply will vary depending on

  • the organisation
  • its use of personal data
  • the IT systems currently in place
  • processes which are currently used
  • existing network security

At MWL Systems we are already talking to existing clients and helping them to make improvements and modifications which will mean they are ready for the new regulations. 

We can help businesses to prepare and ensure that they have the systems in place which will enable them to comply. By planning now for the regulations businesses can ensure they are compliant and avoid any last-minute panic. Leaving getting ready until nearer the time could be costly and result in disruption to systems which could impact staff and customers. 

If you are concerned about the changes or maybe you aren’t sure what action you need to take then get in touch. Perhaps you know what needs to be done but need the IT expertise to implement the appropriate changes.   

We will be happy to visit your premises, discuss the changes, assess your current systems and processes and advise on what needs to be done. We can act to ensure your networks are secure, adequate encryption is in place and there are no open back doors which could leave your organisation vulnerable.

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Prepare Now for GDPR, the New Data Protection Regulations