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MWL Systems invited to share expertise on IT security

IT Security is something that all businesses should be concerned about. Not a week goes by without media coverage of a high-profile breach of data security or a report that a well-known company’s systems have been hacked.

In 2016 there was a 22% increase in cyber crime. It is clearly a growing problem and one which can have a negative impact on organisations of any size and in any industry, particularly organisations dealing with sensitive, personal data such as banks, utility providers and healthcare organisations. However, the truth is it should be a concern for all businesses. Organisations of all sizes and in all industries should be taking steps to protect their systems and their data from the very real threat of cyber attacks.   

It is always a priority for the team at MWL Systems to raise awareness of the potential risks. As experts on the measures and solutions available to protect businesses, we love to share our knowledge so we were delighted when we were invited by Pauline Campbell, Senior Relationships Manager at NatWest, to present to some of their commercial customers on IT security.

We sent two of our experts along, Will Jones, Cloud Solutions Specialist, and Matthew Reay, Solutions Consultant, to deliver workshops to the business leaders.

Attendees were all from companies in the region with turnovers in excess of £5 million. The event took place at NatWest’s commercial premises in Chester City centre.

We ran a morning and an afternoon session, each lasting around two hours. The informal but informative sessions covered areas such as the different types of cyber threats businesses should be aware of, email security, encryption, and remote access to data. We looked at remote working and the risks it brings as well as the different security solutions which can be put in place and why there isn’t a one size fits all solution. 

NatWest Relationship Manager, Pauline Campbell, said “It’s great to be working with a local company who are giving up their time to support our customers, educating them on areas of growing concern. Working in small groups MWL Systems ensured all attendees felt welcome and encouraged them to discuss issues relevant to their businesses. We look forward to working with them again in the future”.

The two events were well received by the local business leaders who attended and NatWest has already asked us if would like to deliver more IT security workshops for their commercial clients in the future.


MWL Systems invited to share expertise on IT security