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Microsoft Azure introduce new tools & resources to improve customer experience

With more and more businesses choosing to use the cloud, it is essential to have a clear understanding of all implications associated with using the cloud itself, such as: cost and size of environment required.

In order to help customers achieve this in a cost effective and simple way, Microsoft Azure have recently released three tools and resources; ensuring that customers are utilising the power of their hybrid cloud.

Cloud Migration Assessment

Offered for free by Microsoft Azure, the Cloud Migration Assessment takes an in-depth look into the servers within your current IT environment, analysing configurations of the hardware and providing a report on the potential cost savings of moving over to Microsoft Azure’s Hybrid Cloud.

Azure Hybrid Use Benefit

The Azure Hybrid Use Benefit aims to save users money with regards to their cloud software. It can be activated in the Azure Management Portal so that your path to the cloud is both simplified and provides cost savings. According to Microsoft this can lead to up to 40% savings with Windows server licenses.

Azure Site Recovery

This tool aims to simplify the process of setting up the cloud; essentially this helps to migrate virtual machines to Microsoft Azure. A number of applications, including AWS, VMware, Hyper-V and physical servers can be moved using this tool. It was also announced that, in the very near future the Azure Site Recovery will allow users to tag virtual machines in the Azure Portal, ensuring that the process of migrating Windows Server virtual machines is even easier.

As we are a Microsoft Azure Partner, we can ensure that all customers using the Hybrid Cloud are getting the most out of it for their business, in a cost-effective way.  Therefore, we endeavour to guide our customers each step of the way when setting up the cloud.

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Microsoft Azure introduce new tools & resources to improve customer experience