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How would Service Desk benefit your business?

One of the most popular and beneficial services that we offer is Service Desk. This unique offering provides businesses with a reprieve from the time-consuming task that IT staff are often inundated with. This enables staff within our client’s businesses to focus on the more important tasks at hand that are vital to the smooth running of a business.

What is service desk?

Service Desk is a fully managed IT support function. We provide a dedicated number that is answered by our expert team at MWL Systems who manage and prioritise calls for our clients, and pass them to the appropriate department, either to the MWL Systems team, to our client’s own IT department or to third-party suppliers.

This service is not only limited to IT but to all related contracts that our client may have, including:

  • Telephony
  • Photocopiers 
  • Alarm systems
  • And much more

Essentially, we are the single point of contact for all end users and service providers for our customers, so that all IT and related services run efficiently.

We use effective service level agreements to monitor open incidents to ensure that they are progressing at a satisfactory rate, chasing service providers when necessary and alerting the appropriate parties at each stage.

Comprehensive reporting

To accompany our dedicated phone line, Service Desk also provides comprehensive reporting to ensure that targets for improvements can be identified and implemented efficiently, therefore reducing downtime, as well as using said reports to inform IT infrastructure planning.

Our service provides the ability to streamline all service providers so that major or critical incident management can be effectively coordinated amongst the appropriate parties, which ultimately allows all stakeholders to be kept well informed of unplanned or planned outages in a timely manner.

Contact MWL Systems today to learn more about how Service Desk can streamline your IT and related services, ultimately freeing up your limited and expensive resources. 


How would Service Desk benefit your business?