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How can you prevent a cyber-attack on your business?

A recent survey of UK businesses highlighted the magnitude of the issues created by cyber-attacks. The Cyber Security Breaches Survey revealed that nearly half of all UK businesses experienced at least one form of breach or cyber-attack in the last year; the most common of these breaches or attacks related to fraudulent emails, viruses and malware, the company or organisation being impersonated online and ransomware.

The devastating effect of this issue on businesses and individuals across the world is astounding; Kaspersky’s real-time map of cyber threats highlights this very effectively. An attack such as those listed above could have a tremendous impact on any business, therefore businesses need to ensure that they take every necessary precaution to prevent a cyber-attack.

Does your business have the following in place to prevent a cyber-attack?

Do you have antivirus software and firewalls installed?

Viruses on your computers will leave them vulnerable to an attack, whilst firewalls will essentially ‘guard’ your network from cyber-criminals accessing your networks. Having both installed (and regularly updated) will ensure that your first-line of defence is working effectively.

Are you regularly backing up your data?

If you are victim to a cyber-attack, regularly backing up your data will ensure that you can carry on with your work with very little down time.

Do you have the latest version of your operating system installed?

Software developers are constantly upgrading operating systems to ensure security is in excellent shape, having the latest version of each operating system will allow you to benefit from the added security features.

Is access to your business’ sensitive data restricted?

By reducing the number of people that have access to sensitive data, you are thereby reducing the risk of exposure to an attack. It is also a good idea to see who is accessing the data and when so that any suspect activity can be traced and identified quickly.

Are you using strong and unique passwords for each login?

You need all passwords to be impossible to guess; using passwords that could be easily guessed (i.e. pet names, birthdays etc.) will massively increase your risk of a cyber-attack. You should also have a different password for each login, therefore in the unfortunate event that one of your logins is hacked, your others will be safe. 

Do you have plans in place in case of a cyber-attack?

You need to be prepared for worst case scenario in case a cyber-attack does occur. A disaster recovery plan relating specifically for these types of attacks is essential so that the impact on your business is kept to a minimum.

Do you have expert help with your cyber-security?

Some of the tips we have provided throughout the blog may not be easily implemented by yourself, therefore bringing in an expert that has experience in dealing with preventative measures against cyber-attacks will greatly benefit your business.

MWL Systems can provide you with a solution to all of your cyber-security issues. We are experts in implementing effective cyber-security with businesses of all sizes, contact us today to see how we can help


How can you prevent a cyber-attack on your business?