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A guide to virtualisation and the benefits for businesses

The term virtualisation is well known in the IT and technology community; however, many business owners and managers are unaware of what the term means which ultimately could see them miss out on the fantastic benefits that this technology could bring to their business.

What is virtualisation?

Virtualisation allows a business to run several virtual ‘machines’ on one server, essentially creating a virtual environment that will run a business’ hardware, storage devices and operating systems rather than having multiple physical servers. This virtual workspace allows users to move workloads in line with business priorities, and therefore maximising server resources.

According to research by VMware, each physical server that a business owns which is used within virtualisation will host around 16 virtual machines, resulting in cost savings of up to 50% in comparison to those running solely on physical devices.

The benefits of virtualisation

Virtualisation brings with it countless benefits to businesses, including:

  • A rise in staff productivity due to more efficient IT systems
  • Optimisation of existing hardware, due to the fact that you require drastically fewer servers. Your existing hardware can also be redeployed for other purposes, ultimately saving substantial IT costs
  • Improved disaster recovery capabilities due to the fact that all systems are centralised onto one server, and can subsequently be easily and quickly backed up and recovered
  • Your business will have much more flexibility in terms of expansion capability by having numerous virtual machines, therefore in terms of business growth large scale investment in further servers is unnecessary
  • Your business is optimised for future updates and technologies
  • Due to the fact that your business will be using substantially less energy to run physical servers, your business will not only be more environmentally friendly, but also save significant overhead costs with reduced energy bills

Here at MWL Systems we partner with leading technology companies, which allows us to provide our clients with the latest and greatest virtualisation technologies for their business. Find out more about our virtualisation service here.



A guide to virtualisation and the benefits for businesses