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The benefits of using Microsoft SharePoint in your business

SharePoint is one of the most popular tools used amongst our clients and businesses worldwide. It is often used in place of a business intranet, as it offers the same, if not more, capabilities than a traditional intranet would, at a much lower cost to businesses due to no server and server maintenance costs. The system itself can be entirely tailored to your business needs, making it a ‘one-stop shop’ for all company documents, policies and procedures.

As well as this, SharePoint also provides the security requirements essential to businesses of all sizes. Security is one of the biggest worries of business owners and managers when considering moving to cloud software, such as SharePoint, however, the level of security that SharePoint provides is second to none. These security procedures include: physical security at their data centres (locations of which are never disclosed), data encryption, regular back-ups, strong password requirements at the outset and, depending on the user, there can be multiple level authentication.

Other benefits of SharePoint include:

  • Replaces paper forms - All forms can be uploaded to the system meaning that the time it takes to print, fill and scan a form is reduced, as well as saving storage requirements and printing costs.
  • Responsive – SharePoint is entirely responsive, meaning that it can be used anywhere and on any device; therefore, if you are in a client meeting and need them to fill out a form there and then, you can use any device at hand (e.g. tablet or phone).
  • Integration – SharePoint integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products.
  • Secure document sharing – You are able to assign varying levels of access to each user, ensuring that everything can be kept on one system but confidential or sensitive documentation can have restricted access to only a select few.
  • App store – From SharePoint’s app store you are able to add additional functionality to the system, as and when you need them (e.g. holiday management systems, timesheets, etc).
  • Co-authority – For large projects that require multiple staff to work on different sections of the same document, SharePoint allows users to do just this. Users can work collaboratively within the system so that they are able to work on their section whilst others work on their own, massively reducing the time it would usually take to complete.
  • ISO quality management – The system will allow you to upload procedure documents to be accessed by staff; furthermore, you are able to set an approval process for when these documents need to be changed. These changes are subsequently tracked by user, time and with comment, alongside access to past versions for any future audits.
  • Extranet – With the systems extranet you are able to provide password protected access to documents for third parties; meaning that external companies are able to access relevant documents, as well as uploading any of their own documents and/or reports. It is not necessary to purchase an additional licence for this feature, as long as the third party has a Microsoft based account, it is entirely free to use.

These are just a select few of the fantastic features that SharePoint offers our clients; the system is so complex in the number of uses it has, that it can become quite overwhelming to decide which is best for your business. Here at MWL Systems, we look closely at a business to understand their requirements and plan how they can use SharePoint effectively so that the business, as a whole, benefits significantly. We have yet to find a client that has not seen the potential that SharePoint has in improving systems and processes within a business. The system has benefits for all types of businesses, from start-ups, SMEs to large enterprises.

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The benefits of using Microsoft SharePoint in your business