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AI and the role it could play in cyber security

Cyber security is a growing, global concern. Mobile technology, the way we work, cloud storage and increased connectivity have all led to growing vulnerability for businesses. The threat is real and is one which should be taken seriously by businesses of all shapes and sizes.  

There is no going back, the way we work has changed so dramatically in recent years that we all expect a level of connectivity that a mere decade ago would have seemed inconceivable. The challenge now is to find ways to protect businesses and their systems from the threat.

One approach which experts are suggesting could help in the battle against cyber attacks is by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence.  

The key is identifying new threats. These can often be found by spotting unusual activity, new patterns and anything unexpected or suspicious. For most organisations, ensuring their systems are secure involves a combined approach using appropriate software and IT security experts. In the future, AI and automation will undoubtedly contribute to IT security and will increasingly play an important role in identifying new threats and exposing vulnerabilities in an organisation’s systems. 

Whatever your views on AI, if harnessed for good there is no denying its potential and as threats develop and evolve experts will be keen to explore all the options available to them to stay one step ahead of the hackers. However, we must also be aware of the threat that AI can also pose. AI is also expected to be used to perpetrate increasingly sophisticated attacks, so having an understanding of its capabilities is key. 

The role AI will play in cyber security is still evolving and it will only ever be part of an integrated approach to managing IT security. Human experts will certainly continue to play a pivotal role, the challenge is staying ahead of developments.  As always, as technology evolves so do the skills and tools required to manage it. 

Keeping up-to-date with advances in technology is something we take very seriously at MWL. If you haven’t reviewed your approach to cyber security recently then get in touch. At MWL we can help you to ensure you are taking proactive steps to keep your business and its IT systems safe and secure.  


AI and the role it could play in cyber security