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Cloud Security White Paper

Ensuring Data Security in the BYOD Era

Data Security has never been more important for businesses, and must be a key part of your overall IT Strategy.  The commercial value of data to third parties makes UK businesses the most targeted in the world - ahead of the USA.

A UK Government Survey reveals that:

  • Up to 90% of enterprise size businesses had experienced a security breach in the past year
  • Up to 74% of SMEs had their IT compromised
  • The average cost to large enterprises of their biggest breach was up to £3.14 million
  • The number of IT breaches in SMEs rose by almost 20% in the past year

"Protecting Your Business' Data Is Essential"

In cases where a business is unable to recover from a data breach within 24 hours, there is an 80% chance that they will fail in the next 12 months.

Your business is facing new threats every day:

  • Implementing IT security across a wider range of devices due to BYOD
  • Incorrectly secured networks providing access to sensitive data
  • An increase in the number of thefts of physical devices - more than 34,000 company laptops were stolen during 2015

What You Can Do

Protecting your data is essential, but MWL Systems can help.

  • Download a copy of our IT Security WhitePaper using the link below
  • Review your internal IT Security policies and procedures
  • Contact a member of our team on 01978  858300 and request a security audit

IT Security White Paper

MWL Systems fully qualified security specialists can help your business to protect critical data and systems.  Contact a member of our team today in order to request a review.  Email us at, call us on 01978 858300, or fill in your details above, and we'll call you straight back.  Your business security is essential: don't leave things to chance.