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Peace of Mind IT

Optional Service Elements to our Fully Managed IT System Maintenance service - Efficient, cost saving, routine, IT service and admin, giving you “peace of mind”

Lifecycle Management

This is essentially a Tech Refresh and Secure Disposal element to our Full Managed IT Maintenance service. Computers reaching an agreed replacement review date are automatically presented to you for replacement approval. If approved we supply and install the replacement computers direct to your end users configuring and transferring data in the process. We then securely decommission and dispose of the old equipment on your behalf. Any residual value profits after processing the old equipment is returned to you. All disposals are in full accord with the WEEE directive. We provide you with certification confirming secure erasure and WEEE compliant disposal.  

Software Management

It is very easy to oversubscribe or undersubscribe on your licenced software which can be very costly and result in heavy fines. Our discovery tools enable us to monitor and manage your software licencing requirements providing you with a complete inventory report of all the software applications installed on your server and networked client computers. You tell us what software applications you are licenced for and how many users for each, we then monitor your system for compliance. We will also inform you as and when additional software applications are discovered helping you keep on top of unauthorised software installations.  

Warranty Management

Most IT hardware these days comes with extended manufacturer’s warranty saving you on expensive maintenance and extending the guaranteed working life of your equipment. Warranty periods and the level of cover provided varies greatly presenting an administrational nightmare. In this service we take ownership of monitoring the warranty expiry dates and quote for you for renewals (if available) 3 months prior to expiry.

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