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Fully Managed IT

Fully Managed IT System Maintenance - Quite simply we take the responsibility for keeping your IT system secure, efficient and fit for business while you get on with making your business profitable.

This service includes the following business essential components;

Patch Management

We diligently keep your IT System secure and up-to-date with the latest functionality through our Patch Management Service, risk assessing, approving and promptly applying appropriate software patches and updates to your system.   

Capacity Management

Managing system capacity is essential to ensure business continuity is not interrupted or impeded by issues that could easily be predicted and prevented. Data storage, Internet Bandwidth and CPU utilisation are all potential limitations that if not monitored and addressed will max out and impact on your business. Our engineers install probes to monitor system capacity and alert when specified thresholds are crossed thereby triggering preventative action to address the issue before it impacts on your business.

Availability Management

Managing system availability is essential in ensuring your IT services (servers, applications, network) are working efficiently and continuously available for business. The service probes we install on your IT system also monitor for system component failures. Alerts are sent to our service desk for prompt investigation and resolution reducing the risk of costly down time or poor system performance. 

System Resilience and Recovery Management

In the event of a disaster you need to be absolutely confident that your IT system can be restored and data files recovered promptly with the minimum possible disruption to your business. Prevention is best practice, identifying and eliminating weaknesses and SPOFs (single points of failures) in your IT system dramatically improves resilience. Part of our on-boarding process is to carry out an in-depth Technical Risk Assessment of your IT system, identify any weaknesses and make recommendations to make your system fit for business. We then maintain and routinely test your backup contingency to ensure that should the worst happen, your system restore solution will work and enable us to get you back in business promptly.


Computers are bit like a racing car, needing to be tuned regularly to get the best performance. Neglect the tuning and you will find yourself coming last in the race! Computer software is constantly being updated and operating systems are frequently reconfigured to suit the specific application being updated. Over time this has a profound impact on performance hence optimising (tuning routines) keeps your servers and client computers tuned for best performance and your end users in pole position to win the race.

Asset Management

Our discovery tools enable us to report to you a complete account of all your networked computer assets, their specification, the software installed on them, date of installation and the users. A summary of your computer assets is included in the monthly report as standard and we can also provide you with detailed reports at any time as you require. This information is also used to enable our optional add-ons to this service, Lifecycle Management, Warranty Management and Software Management.    

Service Reporting

Customers should be blissfully unaware of the proactive support service activities going on “behind the scenes” keeping their IT systems Secure, Efficient and Fit for Business. Our monthly service report therefore keeps customers’ informed providing a summary report of all service activities we have managed on their system in the previous month and also highlights and prioritises any issues for concern.  These are followed up by the respective MWL Systems account manager who will recommended appropriate actions to address. 

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