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The average cost for a large organisation’s worst security breach in a year is between £1.46m and £3.14m, while for SMEs the range is £75k to £311k.
Is IT security something you can afford to take lightly? Did you know: 80 per cent of businesses that suffer a major data loss or failure for more than 24 hours close within a year? A recent UK Government survey found that security breaches were experienced by 90 per cent of large organisations (up from 81 per cent) and 74 per cent of SMEs (up from 60 per cent) in 2015 compared to the previous year.
BYOD (bring your own device) has brought increased benefits to employers, and more employees are willing to work off-site. It’s predicted that by 2018, 70 per cent of workers will be using personal devices in the workplace, but this culture is causing more IT security issues. It can threaten IT security and place valuable data at risk, not to mention the damage to a company’s reputation in the wake of a breach. And weak passwords and careless use of USB sticks are still issues for many firms.
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