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Securing your environment with MFA using Enterprise Mobility & Security

Jan. 26th 2017: 9:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Target Audience = IT Professional with Hands on Experience - SIGN UP HERE!

After the huge success of MWLs business breakfast events we’ve decided to take this a step further and launch our MWL Tech Series Events. These are focused on cloud products and provide free consultancy on how to get started and configure them for use in your environment. The format of each event will be as follows,

  • Demonstration of the solution including explanations about which technologies are being used and how much each component will cost.
  • A case study of one of our existing customers that is using the solution and the benefits and / or cost saving it has provided.
  • Technical workshop in which one of our cloud experts will run through how to configure each of the required solutions step by step using no cost trials provided by Microsoft. You could set these up in a real world example or create a completely independent trial to build it up.
  • Follow up meetings where we can come and help you answer any questions you may have following the workshop event.

The first of these tech series events are how you can secure your environment using the following technologies,

  • Enterprise Mobility Suite
  • Azure AD Premium
  • Azure Multi Factor Authentication Server
  • Remote Desktop Gateways
The aim of this workshop would be to completely lock down your environment whether it’s just Office365, a 3rd Party Cloud application such as Dropbox, CRM or Sales Force or you want to completely lock down your Terminal Server or VDI environment. Using these technologies you’ll be able to prevent logging in to any of these systems without confirmation from a mobile device (phone call, push notification or text message).

Putting Multi Factor Authentication in front of these critical services can stop attacks such as the current wave of CryptoLocker and Encryption dead in their tracks and secure your environment saving you critical data loss and downtimes.

Lunch will be provided and all of the tools and documentation to configure the components above. There is limited space on this event so SIGN UP QUICKLY!


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Securing your environment with MFA using Enterprise Mobility & Security