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Cyberoam Next Generation UTM appliances bring enterprise-grade gigabit security to SOHO-SMB organizations for the first time, offering network and crypto acceleration through radical software enhancements that help these appliances get the best out of their state-of-the-art hardware.


The hardware comes with gigabit ports, gigahertz processor and high-memory gigabyte RAM along with gigabyte compact flash and hard disk drive which help the appliances deliver nano-second security processing for high speed networks. Cyberoam next-generation UTM appliances provide wirespeed, intelligent security geared to meet the requirements of high-speed complex networks where the user-device-application ratio is expanding beyond measure. These appliances carry multiple intelligence with the capability of user and device identification, granular application identification, content and context-aware intelligence to perform the high-rigor security with deep inspection required in today’s flexible and highly complex work environments.

By providing such critical security, they enable SOHO-SMBs to leverage high-speed Internet and the numerous business applications to enhance productivity, gain customer trust and build expanding businesses.