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Upgrades and Migrations

It is well known that IT is a constantly evolving industry. There are regular security patches, updates to software packages and major version upgrades that need to be done to stay current and secure.
Alongside the requirement to stay up to date with upgrades, businesses need to change and adapt through growth, mergers & acquisitions. The job of the IT manager is to make sure that systems keep running and support is delivered, whilst planning and undertaking these, often complex, upgrades and migrations.

Experienced MWL consultants can help out with the complex and often time consuming tasks leaving you to get on with the day to day IT operations.

Typical outsourced projects include:

  • MS Exchange upgrades
  • Office365 Cloud migration
  • Active Directory upgrade
  • VMware upgrades
  • New IP address schema
Companies that out-source these projects can be seen to be mitigating the risk of doing it themselves.

If you have an upgrade or migration that you are planning for, give MWL Systems a call to see how we can help.