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Technology Roadmap

More and more forward thinking companies are seeing the value in IT and want to plan and budget several years ahead.

As an input to their technology roadmap, MWL consultants spend time in your business with key members of staff, grasping the day to day IT operations and strategy. They then spend time with the business leaders, understanding the business objectives now and in the future.
They then combine this with knowledge of current and upcoming technology trends, and feed this into the Technology Roadmap.
The output documentation can form the basis of a business plan which the customer can use to seek approval for IT investment. The report will provide the customer with the following:
  1. Detailed overview of their existing infrastructure
  2. Recurring issues, risks, root cause analysis & proposed actions
  3. Supplementary traffic light report, highlighting risks and issues in the existing environment
  4. Roadmap outlining a suggested IT investment and strategy for the next 3 years with detailed costings and analysis
  5. Supporting presentation that can be utilised for board overviews / forming a business plan
Part of the roadmap discussion may include a ‘Traffic Light Report’. The aim of this is to create a list of improvement opportunities that are identified by MWL and present them in a way that is easy to understand for all parties. This forms the basis of recommendations to be made at the customer environment to reduce risk and prevent critical failures or downtimes.

If you feel your business could benefit from an up to date technology roadmap, please get in touch to discuss.