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Office365 Mailbox Migration

The Easiest Way to Office 365

Moving your business to Office365 can be a complicated task. Migration projects can be tedious, require significant planning, project management and technical expertise.

Our three step plan simplifies the process and manages all of the details from start to finish.

Plan Information Gathering free quick and easy assessment planning for your environment.

Move After the plan has completed and approved. We start syncing your data to the cloud. DNS Sync means a zero-downtime switch.

Setup Automatically switch users Outlook and copy all of the settings over.

Our migration strategy reduces the time and risk this results in a seamless migration project and we provide fixed price mailbox meaning projects our easy to budget for with no surprises.

Why use MWL’s Migration Services vs DIY?

On average, a typical 25 user project includes 5 major phases, 200+ tasks, over 40 hours of effort and 4-6 weeks to complete.

The advantages of working with MWL Systems

  • Experience? How many cloud migrations have you done? With us you’ve got the experience of hundreds of migrations and over 30 years of specialist knowledge.
  • Quality? Can the organisation migrate all of the data, settings, and personalisation items as we can? Compared to our high quality migration.
  • Employee Cost? What's the cost of lost productivity from employees due to Outlook configuration, missing data or downtime? Average employee's value is £70/hr. Downtime could be hours resulting in thousands of pounds worth of lost productivity.. With us, high quality, and no downtime.
  • IT Cost? 40 hours per 50 seats plus 8 hrs end-user support, if you know what you're doing. At least double that if you don't. What's the cost to your business for that time ? Relative to risk? With us, there is very low IT involvement and zero risk to your data.
  • Risk Tolerance? How much downtime can you afford to take? What's the impact of lost data and lost productivity? What are the expectations of the company, of the leadership team? We've seen hundreds of things that can go wrong on the source side, across the DNS system, and with Office 365.

Our Migration

Plan Migrate Setup Manage
Migration Planning Migration Sync Outlook Assistant Migration Manager

A fast, easy-to-use, planning and configuration application designed to help streamline the process for you.

Keeps all critical pieces in sync, eliminates data migration risk and automatically adjusts if you change the migration date.

Works with Migration Sync to finalize the migration. Automatically sets up Outlook, performs local PST migrations and ensures a timely transfer of all company email data.

Let’s you easily track, monitor and take action on your In Progress, Saved and Completed project

The Cloud Migrator option provides the least impact on the user by using our no impact plugin meaning users can be switched over to the new Office365 platform over night with no downtime or impact to the user or client. No changes are made to the Exchange environment which means there is no risk of losing your email due to an unforeseen problem. All settings are transferred and the switch can be a staged migration or a full migration.

What we migrate

We can migrate from any platform to Office365. Using our unique tool, we can migrate much more than a traditional migration technique, from a much wider range of email sources and automate the deployment of profiles and updates to the Office365 Tenant.

Find out how much our O365 migration costs or book a specialist to start assessing your requirements. Contact us on 01978 858300, email or fill in the contact form for a fast callback.